Read: The Arab Social Charter

Conceptualized and developed by the Arab Thought Forum, the Arab Social Charter establishes the framework for political, cultural and social pluralism in West Asia and North Africa.

The document highlights the concept of equal citizenship in Arab communities. The charter is especially relevant to the current events in the West Asia and North Africa region, as it presents a strategic view on how to build the future of the Arab world, and outlines the general policies in all fields to achieve sustainable development, security and stability in Arab states.

The charter begins with the following words, before going to establish a framework for political, economic and social freedoms in the Arab world:

“Out of our belief in the unity of the Arab nation’s future, density, and basic values; striving towards an Arab society that is based on democracy, freedom, social justice, human dignity; and realizing the peoples’ wellbeing in the form of sustainable development that serves the nation and its next generations...”


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